Wedding Shower

Date: 6/15/2019-3:00 PM
Location: 532 Parkview Dr Detroit, MI
Goth Garden Attire: Wear comfortable sundresses,  suits/semi formal, and the blood of your enemies.

We invite you to celebrate the partnership between Jenni and Kenneth with one last formal party before their marriage!

During the wedding shower there will be the popular gift opening festivities, coupled with a thank you speech by the bride & groom for all who are present to celebrate. The gifting portion of this wedding shower is non-traditional, which is explained in greater detail on the registry page. We will cap this event with food, games with typical wedding shower prizes, and much needed time with loved ones.

Informal Welcome Party!

Date: 07/18/2019-7:30 PM
Location: tbd
Casual Attire: Anything goes!!!

You’re all invited to the informal welcome party!

Although the lovebirds are mainly hoping to catch up with those who missed the wedding shower over some bowling, arcade games, and maybe some drinks and dive bar vibes, who knows what they’ll decide to do at this point? Whether you’re travelling in from out of town,  were previously sick from some bad food, busy working, or just need to spend every waking moment bringing in this new step of their relationship, you can now totally spend this time celebrating at the informal welcome party.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception to follow

Date: 07/20/2019 – 1:30 PM
Location: 3876 Vinewood st Detroit MI
Formal attire: Dresses, suits, your best ceremonial robes, and sensible/comfortable shoes.

The main event! This is the part you won’t want to miss – the tying of the knot, the hitching, the troth-plighting!

There will be a brief ceremony involving a whole marriage ritual led by Anna Lund. Afterwards a relaxed reception will take place amidst the rustling of the couple’s yard forest, setting the stage for their first new memories together. The day will include warmth, good food, and great company so come hungry, happy, and ready to celebrate!