Q) Who shot your engagement photos?

A) Holli Liden! Go get you some!

Q) Do you have a wedding hashtag?

A) Yes, yes we do. #theellacotting

Q) Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?

A) The wedding ceremony is scheduled to be outdoors. The reception will be an indoor/outdoor reception.

Q) What are the housing accommodations for out of town guests?

A) We did not reserve any hotel blocks for out of town guests. You will need to do your own research and booking for your own accommodations. However, we are providing you with a few resources to get the ball rolling. You can go over to our accommodations page for more information.

Q) Transportation and parking, what’s the deal?

A) There will be no transportation set up for out of town guests. We know there are many guests planning on travelling from similar locations who may carpool as a result. For those that are not planning on travelling with other guests and will not be using their own vehicle or a traditional rental vehicle, you can find uber, lyft, and zip car, as well as public transportation, bike share, and scooters available within the city.

There will be plenty of parking space available at our home during the wedding. We ask that you either park in the “lot” provided – until that space is full – or park in front our homes/in front of empty lots along the street. DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF OUR NEIGHBORS’ HOMES, this is what is considered a dick move and you will be asked to move your vehicle.

Q) Are kids allowed?

A) Kids are allowed to attend all wedding festivities. We understand some guests will be travelling long distance, and making sitter arrangements on top of travel plans is something that is just too difficult. However, we ask that you keep an eye on your children if they are to attend any wedding events. We would love to keep this celebration tasteful and stress free for everyone.

Q) Can I bring extra guests?

A) You may bring young children that would otherwise need a sitter or you’re travelling in from out of town.

If you do not have a +1 on your invitation we prefer that you come as requested. Thanks for understanding the limitations on how many people we can reasonably host.

Q) I don’t want to wait for my actual invite to come in the mail to rsvp for the wedding; how do I know if I have a +1 or not?

A) A rule of thumb is if there are two or more names on the save the date envelope, then that is how many people are invited with your party. If we have not addressed your save the date to multiple people we may have actually planned on giving you a plus one; you can always contact the bride and groom if you’re too antsy about waiting for your actual invite.

Q) What’s the dress code?

A) There are several events we’re having leading up to the wedding and after. You can find dress code preferences in the descriptions for each event on the schedule page.

Q) Can I take pictures during any of the wedding-centric events?

A) Yes. Please be tasteful about how and when you take any photos. Please do not get in the way of any photographers that may be there, you may be asked to put your cameras away if you do get in their way.

Q) I want to contribute to the couple’s home renovation fund instead of hitting the wedding registry, what’s the best way to do that?

A) If you’re unsure of the best way to go about pitching into the home renovation fund, you can always call or text the bride or groom. If you do not have their numbers you can email them at wedding@kenwolcott.net

Q) Who can I contact if I have more questions about the wedding?

A) If you have any questions you feel have not been answered here, you may call, text, or email the bride and groom at wedding@kenwolcott.net