You can stay in a stranger’s house pretty cheap these days, and the snitches that write reviews will let you know how often the sheets get washed. Here’s how

Hotels and Hostel

Here is a wonderful list of decently priced Detroit Hotels to get the ball rolling on your stay in the D!

Trumbull and Porter Hotel
1331 Trumbull Ave

A modern hotel in the Corktown area; close to the wedding ceremony and reception.



Siren Hotel
1509 Broadway St

If you’re in the mood for a Wes Anderson-style stay in Downtown Detroit this is your place.



Hostel Detroit 
2700 Vermont St

Have you seen that horror movie? Yeah, it took place in a hostel but I’m pretty sure that you wont be murdered here. You will share a room with other traveling weirdos though. So if you’re into community living, here is the best place for that in Detroit.

El Moore
624 W Alexandrine St

A beautiful historic hotel in the Cass Corridor area. Stay a few nights in a really good looking building!



The Inn on Ferry St 
84 E Ferry St

I think this a lot of houses? I don’t even know but a lot of people talk about it I guess.