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Detroit Neighborhoods you should explore!

We hope to make your stay in Detroit a little more navigable and that’s why we wanted to start off by showing you some of the neighborhoods you may be interested in exploring while you’re here.

Museums & Parks

No proper Detroit touristy visit is complete without seeing some of the city’s iconic parks and museums. Here are some of our favorites across the city.


We made shopping a little easier for you and listed some* of our absolutely favorite stores in town, making sure to pack in a little bit of everything.

*Only some of our favorites. There’s too many to remember all at once. We didn’t forget about you Advance Plumbing and AIS, we promise!

Some wicked GOOD EATS!

Yeah we referenced that show, what of it? If you’re in the mood for some great grub while you’re in town this list is wicked good place to start.