We’re both excited to share this next step in our lives with you!

In hopes to streamline communication, answer concerns for those travelling in from out of town, and share some lovely parts of our lives together we hope that you please take a clean pause to go over our site and learn what you can about our wedding and the events surrounding it. We look forward to spending this fantastic time with you!

meet the wedding party.

Swing on over to the wedding party page and learn about the people who will be helping us plan and execute these events all the way to our special ceremony. We both know that we would never have been able to pull a whole wedding together without the help of our close friends and family and that’s why we’re showing them off.

What is there to do while you’re in town for the wedding?

Thanks for coming in from out of town! We know you’ll probably have some free time between settling in and the big event, that’s why we’ve made a helpful list of fun things to do in the Detroit area.
We listed everything from our favorite parks, museums, shopping, and more!

find a place to stay.

Need somewhere to leave your stuff while you’re out partying? We’ve made a list of different places to stay nearby while you’re here.

rsvp here!

We know some of you would prefer to RSVP here -through the interweb- instead of doing it the old fashioned way. To make things easier we have made a special page just for you.